Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's that crazy time of year, folks!

Hello blog world!

It's been a while since Ive last blogged...funny how life someimes roars in with power, and before you know it, a whole month flew buy, and youre left standing there, wondering what the heck happened to all that time.

So, my running has taken a hit since the Speedway 5k. Every run after that was totally grueling to me. And right now, it seems Im starting from scratch again. It feels that way anyway. I am in much better shape than I was when I started, and finished, the Couch 2 5k...yet these days I am huffing and puffing, and taking walking intervals through 1 mile on the treadmill. And the kicker is, is that I am working out more than ever...yet running has become increasingly difficult for me.

My solution? Last week, I started running/walking 1 mile on the treadmill, followed by the 30 Day Shred. I am loving my new workout routine. I am psyched to see the change in my body and mind on the 30th day. Not sure why my running nose dived, but Ive come to terms with starting on a clean slate.

I also registered with Chris today to do a St Patricks Day 10k, called "Chasing Snakes". So, my plan is to complete my 30 Day Shred/treadmill run project (which, BTW, I am on Day 6), and start an 8 week 10k training plan. This is more than enough time to be prepared for the 10k.

And since today I turned 29, I figured I should do something on my Bucket List in the last year of my 20's, so I added the Haunted Half Marathon to my racing goals. Woohoo!

I ordered myself a bread maker for my birthday. I cant WAIT to get that in the mail! Love Amazon's Daily Deals this time of year. I love to cook, and learn new recipe's, so I am totally psyched to try out some healthy breads.

Im really looking forward to Christmas :-) Chris is going to do be renovating the kid's bedrooms the week after Christmas. I cant wait to see how its going to turn out. Lots to look forward to!

I hope all of you have a healthy and blessed holiday season!!


  1. ha i just asked for a bread-maker for yule, because of you and heather.

  2. Haha! We shall be swapping reecipes!

  3. Happy Birthday! :) And good luck with the exciting!!

  4. i have 3 (postcard size) breadmaker cook books that my MIL gave me over the past 3 yrs.

    (* I have killed by over use, 3 breadmakers and i look forward to another BAhhahahaha).