Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey's, Black Friday, and over consumption...Oh My!

Hello blog friends!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We sure did. I can honestly say that this past year has been the happiest and most blessed time of our lives. Things are going well. Chris's hard work is starting to show a pay off. We are so thankful every day for our family, and the life we have. I am constantly aware that things could turn at the drop of a hat, so I hold our love and blessings very close.
The past 4 days have been full of chaos, and flew by in a blur. Wednesday consisted of grocery shopping to pick up everything we needed for Thanksgiving dinner. Once we got home from that fiasco, we had to deeeeeep clean the house entirely. Then we prepped everything we could for dinner the following day. Needless to say, I didnt even try to squeeze a workout in, and I fully intended on doing the dailymile turkey trot the next morning.
Well, doesnt it figure Eli decided to wake up at 4 am. So we got up, and figured we night as well get this turkey show on the road!
I had Chris get the turkey out of the brine, and I prepped it and got the bad boy in the oven.

I took the opportunity to hop on the treadmill once the bird was cooking. I started off, watching Noggin while Chris and the kids snuggled on the couch. About .3 miles in, my feet started up again. Then the kids were trying to get on the treadmill, and wouldnt leave me alone. I was quickly getting agitated. I was tired, my feet hurt, the kids were annoying me...I gave up at 1.5 miles. And I promptly cried. Chris thought I lost my mind.
I hopped in a cool shower, regrouped, and went back to cooking, because life has to go on, and we were hosting the dinner, time was ticking!
This was the first year that the bird everyone was eating wasnt stuffed, so I was shocked when the bird was done by 830 in the morning! And it looked amazing!
Our family started arriving at 11 or so, and Auntie Betty helped me out with everything I had left to do. We had a great time. My home made stuffing was amazing. I do love Stove Top, but I cant say Id go back to it, lol. Chris's pies were delicious. We had a great day. We have a lot to be thankful for. Thanksgiving was awesome.

I went to bed at 9, because my mom and I had plans to hit Target for 3 am. We pulled into Targets parking lot, and the line was already trailing 2 stores down. And it was raining. I realize people think black friday shoppers are crazy. I dont try to argue. For me, Black Friday is a day to get items for myself or the house that I always put off. I can justify it finally because they are so darn cheap! Its also a day that I pick up Christmas presents, and some time shopping without kids! Black Friday is also an experience. Sometimes good, always crazy, sometimes bad. Im always up for an experience, lol. Target turned out to be a GREAT experience. From what Ive heard from other seasoned black friday shoppers, Target was well equipped this year, compared to last year. ( I didnt go for the door busters last year). I got nearly everything I went for at Target. I got my long-yearned-for toaster oven for 19 bucks. I got my Nikon Coolpix for 70 dollars. I got my 700 thread count sheets for 30. I got clothes and presents for the kids. And the best part: the checkout line literally wrapped around the entire store, back to the front doors....and we only waited about 20 minutes before we got to a register! Target was so well planned, well executed, and well staffed. PAINLESS!
We headed to K Mart after that, and Ill spare you the boring details, but I left my cart full of merchandise in an aisle and walked out. Ill never attempt to give them my business again.
Now, I realize this is a long long blog post, but what I am about to tell you is hilarious/frustrating...
On Wednesday, I went to Fleet Feet in between the crazy food shopping. I was curious if the race director for the Speedway In Lights was the owner of our Fleet Feet. I knew his name was Phil, and Fleet Feet sponsors many of the local races. I never did get a reply from my e mail regarding my 5k experience, but shortly after I sent it, my e mail got hacked into, and a virus infected my lap top, and everyone in my address book got sent funky-possibly-infected e mails. Including Mr Phil. Anywho, I go into the store, and a man starts helping me, and as he is assessing my gait, I put it together that this is Phil and he owns the store. I kind of panicked. I didnt want to go at him about how mad I was, because he probably thinks I am crazy. I send an angry e mail. Then he gets multiple weird e mails from me when my yahoo account got hacked into. And I possibly gave him a virus. So he matched me up with Saucony Omni's. But doesnt have my size in stock. He told me theyd be in Friday.
Yesterday afternoon, we headed over there, and the Saucony's havent come in :-( Im really upset about the shoe situation. Its really painful in my feet when I run. I want new shoes :-( I havent worked out since Tuesday, and havent run even longer. I feel fat and sloppy. Things calmed down in the house finally, so Ill be doing some Jillian Michaels today, but I really really want to run! I have that 5k December 11th, and Im questioning if Im going to go for it or not. Its apparently VERY hilly, and I really dont think I trained enough for the hills. I need to get back on feeling chaotic.
I sincerely hope all of you had a wonderful holiday, full of love with  your family. I hope everyone had a satisfying turkey trot. I hope you found some good deals :-)

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