Friday, July 1, 2011

Here is a crash course...

In Beachbody!

You may be wondering, What is it??

Beachbody is a A+ rated BBB fitness and wellness company. They promote and support healthy lifestyles, and dominates the at home fitness market. You may know of, or watched a late night informercial or two, on one of these products:

These are a few of the products Beachbody produces.

So, why in the world would I get involved with this company?

Ill gladly explain!

Before I had my kids, I didnt think much about fitness, or health. I worked, I partied, I didnt care what I ate. Then, after we had our kids, and I stayed at home to raise them, I became very unhappy. I became restless, and my body was a mess. I needed goals. I needed a purpose. Confidence.
I started to run a year ago. I fell in love. It provided me mental clarity. Self esteem. Joy. The happier I was (am), the happier my house hold and family is.Then, I evaluated the health of our family. I rehauled how we ate at home.
As the past year wore on, I realized I have a passion for health and fitness. At first, I thought "well, im not a professional in this field, and I dont have a degree. Too bad I cant take it further".
And then, Heather started talking to me about her new adventure in the Beachbody Coaching experience. Requirements? 1.) A goal of living a healthy and fit lifestyle 2.) A passion to help others do the same.
They help you with the rest. Its that simple.
Really, why WOULDN'T I take this opportunity? I blab on and on on my Facebook and blog about my work outs, my food experiences, and im thrilled when others do the same. And to have the chance to make some money, just doing what I do anyway?
And, Im doing Insanity right now, living the proven results. I am stronger, I feel great, and am losing weight. 
Im really really excited for my new chapter. And Im REALLY thankful to have a fantastic coach guide me through it, and a fantastic company like Beachbody backing it.
As I am learning, I will be sharing. And please dont be afraid to contact me if you have any questions, or are curious!

“It takes struggle, a goal and enthusiasm to make a champion.” Norman Vincent Peale

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  1. Awesome that you are seeing results, and most of all, happy and enjoying what you are doing!! Passion is the first step. Your enthusiasm will be contagious and others will soon follow.