Saturday, July 2, 2011

Insanity Week 2 DONE!

Today was a great day!

Hubs was technically home, but he is really never NOT working (he is a contractor for Lowe's). He had an estimate to do out in Wise, VA. Turns out this was an hour an a half away, and assuming that we would see some cool rural, mountain sites, we all went along for the ride.

The scenic drive did not disappoint! Pictures really dont do the beauty justice. We have lived in the Smokey Mountains for 3 years, and It still takes my breath away.

Later on, I threw together some Quick As Lightening Chili (Thanks to Robin Robertson's Vegan Planet), and told the family to eat while I did my Insanity work out. Today was the two week Fit Test.

My results were mixed.
(let me preface by stating I had my kids awake and trying to "work out" with me, and I definitely used correct form this time, where as the first Fit Test, I was just trying to figure out WTH I was doing)

1.) Switch Kick- 109/126
2.) Power Jacks- 38/36
3.) Power Knees- 65/65
4.) Power Jumps- 36/29
5.) Globe Jumps- 8/3 (this was due to the kids under my feet, and chris annoying me about form)
6.) Suicide Jumps- 11/9 (I was not bringing my feet between my hands the first time. This time I did)
7.) Push Up Jacks- 2/5 (my form is still not good)
8.) Low Plank Oblique- 35/38 (i love this one....hurts so bad, yet feels so good)

As it stands, my weight loss is approximately 4 pounds still. My weight can fluctuate up and down 5 pounds in a day, so Its far from accurate.
On June 29th, I had Chris take my measurements, and he re did them today. I lost 1 inch from my hips since the 29th.

My arms and thighs are getting nice definition, and I feel much stronger. Im happy with the progress so far!

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Tomorrow will be a day of grilling, pooling, and fireworking :-)

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