Monday, July 11, 2011

What's that foolishness they say....what doesnt kill you makes you stronger?

Ive heard that more than enough times, and even annoyed myself with repeating it to Chris this past week an a half.
After our fantastic 4th of July, The Universe decided to have a chuckle at our expense, and placed a cloud of doom over our family.
We JUST bought a secondary work van a few weeks back, so OF COURSE the brakes went out completely on the 1st work van last Monday. Then, every single day this past week, one or all of Chris's scheduled jobs fell through. It was really remarkable how something went wrong each day. Customers needed to reschedule, materials were shipped wrong, laminate flooring was delivered broken, etc etc. Then Thursday came. A terrible, horrible day. First of all, as I was doing my Insanity work out, Emma started freaking out, telling me something was dripping in the kitchen. I went in there, an there was a big old crack in the ceiling with water dripping out. Fantastic! So, I turned off the AC and prepared to roast in my house for the day. Later on, it was stripe night at Karate, and as I was sitting there, watching Emma, I started to feel sick, like the clammy, nauseous sick. I was in agony waiting for Emma to finish up. As I rushed her out in the parking lot, and into the car, I turned on the Ac and tried to breathe an calm my stomach. But, my tummy laughed in my face, and I grabbed the nearest bag i had in the car and got sick.
As Im driving home to change, and pick up Eli, I get a call from Chris, who broke down with his "new" work van. Are you kidding me???? So im holding back vomit, trying to pick him up, get money for a tow truck, etc...all while the house is 16543 degrees because the AC is off from the waterfall in our kitchen.
He is up until 1030 that night, fixing the van. He takes it for a test drive, and all seems well.
Friday comes, and im almost at the point of being able to keep things down in my tummy. Trying to stay positive. I get a call after I pick up Emma from school. That the van caught on fire. I almost laugh, because, what else can you do at this point? No one was hurt, thank God. So I drive out to where Chris pulled off the road, and am greeted by police and fire men. Another tow fee. No work vans running.
So Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Chris worked on his brake-less van. Obviously, it didnt go easy. Around 3 yesterday, he goes to take it for a test drive and cant find the key. I have nothing to say at this point. After searching for hours, we blame it on the kids. And call a locksmith. Locksmith was here until after 10 last night.
Have to try and laugh, right? Though, I must admit, stress helps me with losing weight!
However, I am very positive about my Beachbody venture. Im hoping to build up a team of people who want to get fit, stay fit, or help others. You dont have to be a fitness expert. Just have the drive to help yourself or others. And make money. Ill be mailing out samples of Shakeology  
soon, so if you are interested, please message me on Facebook, and I can answer any and all questions.
I also am going to have a fun giveaway of oils and candles. Who doesnt love that!? Stay tuned for details!


  1. man that's a sucky day! Hope this week is looking better for you! Stress makes me gain, I'm an emotional eater. I know it, but it still doesn't keep me from grabbing a candy bar or brownie when a bad day hits.

  2. He found a clog between the drip tray and drain tube, so he shop vac'ed it all up, and its been OK. We will have to repair the kitchen ceiling (secretly happy!). One van has new brakes, calipers and routers, and is running (woohoo!). The other van is sitting at his mom's house, and needs a lot of attention after the fire. Best possible scenario will be just all new hoses and wires. That probably wont be the case though, lol.

  3. OMG! You guys have been through a lot. I hope it gets better soon, it has where to go but up! I'll be thinking of you!