Friday, November 19, 2010

I think I got myself into a situation

Not in the way Mike Sorrentino does...

Im in a rut, and dont like it. Kind of a dramatic statement from someone who is on the bottom rung of the fitness ladder, trying to claw her way up...

Im frustrated over running. I went out for 1 run since my 5k on Sunday. This run lasted 1 (!!!!) mile. I had done a high incline treadmill walk the night before, and perhaps that contributed to the intense pain in my feet and knees (or maybe I need new shoes). But regardless, my run was cut short, and i was very disappointed in myself.
Ive stuck to yoga and cardio this week. I still HAVE to work out every day, but Ive been "off" from running. I dont know if I unintentionally set myself up for failure mentally by registering for 3 5ks all within weeks of each other, or what.
Also, I feel so heavy and sluggish when I run. I think Im going to head to Fleet Feet this upcoming week, and have them check out my form and get new shoes (my current ones are appx 5 months old...give or take). Im hoping the cross training will help how I feel about running. I do love to run. I dream of a 10k, a half marathon, and eventually a full marathon. Really, its not even an option to NOT accomplish these dreams. So whats with my rut?

In other news, I got a virus this our laptop. And Emma is in pain from an ear infection, so tomorrows horizon looks like the walk in clinic. woohoo....


  1. Do not be so hard on yourself! Just one you know how many people out ther can not even run a mile? A lot!!! Getting some new kicks will probably give you modivation to get out there and run... and hopefuly take away some of the pain too. Perhaps you have been doing to much. Give yourself a break girl, your doing amazing!

  2. Agreeing with Kelly here. One mile done is better than NO miles done!!
    New shoes will help.
    I have found that when I feel like you do, I take a week and just run 'fun runs'. I dont concentrate on time or even distance. Just get out there and run at a very comfortable and enjoyable pace =)