Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why is it we keep coming back for more?

Hello my blogging friends!

I must say, I am incredibly touch and flattered for the positive reaction to my blog! I only have one problem: I dont know how to follow you all in return! Please walk me through it, ha!

I am somewhat ashamed that I took yesterday off from running and yoga. Chris (my partner in crime..) actually came home from work at a decent hour, so we spent some quality time together. I have been alternating between running, yoga, and inclined treadmill walking daily for nearly 2 weeks, so it sort of pained me to be "lazy" yesterday. Oh well, I love my honey, and life goes on.

So, today, my mother in law came over and hung out with the kid's so I could get a run in, and grocery shopping solo. That in itself is the best gift someone could give to me! Grocery shopping without handing out snacks, sippy cups, putting unwanted food back on the shelf, breaking up fights, etc was so peaceful! I must say though, once I was waiting in line to be checked out, I felt a tad lonely with no one to talk to ;-)

Anyway...I drove up to the Greenbelt, put my Spi Belt on, turned on my FORERUNNER! and realized...I left my ear buds at home. I thought, "Thats OK, Ill focus on my breathing, and enjoy my surroundings, its all good".
So I started running with my thoughts, and came upon some pals

I admit, I was worried about my backside ;-)

Once I got about a half a mile in, I realized I had over dressed. Eastern TN weather is tricky my friends! There was frost when I woke up, and it was in the 70's as I was running. I was hot. I started to become Negative Nancy. My thoughts went something like this: "ugh, why do I do this? this is awful. why do I drag myself out over and over? shut up, you have a 5k this weekend. you do this because you love it. shut up and keep running. 3 miles is nothing! 3 miles is a warm up to REAL runners! dont let down your running friends. you have a blog you started, keep running" You get the idea. I hated every pound of the pavement. I got to 1.5 miles in, and turned around to head back. I suffered another mile, then just stopped. I started walking, and mentally beat myself up. I continued the mental ass kicking until I got to my car. Then I thought " when can I do this again? when can I get a re-do? I know I can run 3 miles. Why didnt I just do it? Why did I stop?"
So, 2.5 miles logged today. My second 5k Sunday. I could have gone further. I dont know why I didnt. I could list excused. But I hate excuses. Either way, I love running. It challenges me. It pushes me. It holds me accountable. I need it.
And tomorrow, I have a hot date with Yoga. More to come on that :-)
Thanks for reading my friends. And please, teach me how to follow YOU!


  1. We all have runs like that, don't worry! :) Running is totally 90% mental...hang in there!! 2.5 miles is nothing to sneeze at. Great job! Oh, and to follow someone just go to their blog and find the "Follow" button :) Nice and easy!

  2. Found your blog through Heather's blog! We all have runs that we are disappointed in. I had a really bad one on Sunday but I got past it. And yep, what bookworm said about following!

  3. Taking a breather day is always much needed thing that our bodies let us know what is up and who is boss... lol... hope you have a more positive day tomorrow =]

  4. haha. so (1) my dad is from the knoxville area (strawberry plains) and i've been super jealous of the weather there. he told me it's been just like that, and yes when it's 70 i would be down to the bare minimum.
    (2) i moved from AL to WI last year and started running up here. when i run near the lakes, at least during the summer, i have to be on goose alert. those things are CRAZY! but, it looks like they've moved on. don't get flogged!

    and one last thing. don't be too hard on yourself. sounds like you've been doing alot lately. nice work!

  5. 2.5 miles on a HOT day? that is great running :)

  6. Looks like you figured out the 'follow' button, you got it on my blog =)
    I ran past a whole gaggle of geese this summer almost every time I ran a certain way. Thankfully ther never chased me, but I was quite concerned the first few times.
    Especially since it was on a very busy road.
    how embarrassing it would have been to have been truckin' full speed down that sidewalk with 30 geese chasing me!