Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Warning: This post isnt entirely fitness related!

Hello my blogger friends!
Thanks again for giving me the time to read my blogs :-) Ive tried to follow everyone who has commented, or follows me, but I think some of you have privacy blocks, or maybe dont have your own blog. I tried!

I have a huge annoyance in my life right now, so Im going to share it. We live on a street where apparently people dont believe the leash law applies to them. On any given day we have a chow, black lab, bull dog, 2 terrier's, and a pit bull running the neighborhood. When we first moved into our house, I hesitated before calling animal control, because we are Yankee's new to our Tennessee neighborhood. This means we have to earn the respect of locals, lol. Once I saw that the neighbors across the street called animal control I figured my gloves are coming off, and I was free to call as well.And I do. Almost every week. LOL.
Anyway, fast forward to this past weekend: Saturday, our German Shepherd, Dixie was outside (we have an invisible fence), and we heard her whimper. Chris went outside, and sees that darn pitbull MOUNTING our dog! Dixie is fixed, but this pit isnt. Chris tried to scare the dog off, but he was persistant. Poor Dixie is a 75lb purebred shepherd, and she was reduced to a cowering, whining mess with this Pit. We eventually got Dixie inside, and the pit moved on.

Yesterday morning, I see the pit in the yard, trying to mount Dixie again! So I get on the phone with the police dept and ask them to send Animal Control. He comes, and the pit runs up the street. We see this lady about 4 houses up let the dog in her house. She didnt see the officer though. So he heads up there to talk to her, she she DENIES the dog is hers! He asked her "so you let strange pit bulls into your house?" She she started stuttering that it was another neighbors dog, but she let it in her house out of pity. He assured me he would take care of the problem, and took off.
So this morning, the dog is harassing my dog AGAIN! I call the police and tell them I shouldnt be afraid to leave my house, this dog is aggressive toward my dog, I have 2 young children and they shouldnt have to worry about this  pit bull coming in our yard...not to mention thank god my dog is fixed, because Id be FURIOUS if this pit got my dog pregnant! The dog was jumping against my door, making my dog whimper and cry, knocking things over on our porch...they actually sent an officer to park in my driveway until animal control got there. Once a.c. got there and went after the pit, the cop told me that they may right the owner a ticket, but to call if there are any other problems....a ticket? really??? My question is this: HOW CAN YOU BE SUCH A STUPID DOG OWNER??????? How can a grown adult be so irresponsible???? If you own a dog, TAKE CARE OF IT!
So, this has really put a fire under me today...
Moving on....
Winter has put a cramp in my running style. My first predicament is that daylight is shorter, which means that my squeezing in early evening runs when Chris gets home has slowly dwindled. I am lucky enough to have a treadmill, but lets be honest, it sucks. I know that I am soooo lucky to have been given a treadmill, and I am incredibly thankful. For some reason, knocking out anything over a mile is horrendous for me. *pull out a tiny violin*
So, what I have been doing is running when I can have one of the grammy's watch the kids, or on the weekend when daddy isnt working. But this has reduced me to runs only 2 or 3 times a week. This is a FAIL. I committ myself to getting on the treadmill tonight, because any mileage is better than no mileage, right?
I have increased my Yoga fitness due to this, however. Which brings me to an exciting point: Last night I did my Fire Yoga DVD. The first time I did the workout, I was a shaking, sweaty mess. Last night when I did the workout...I felt relaxed and calm...Its become nearly non-challenging...this is exciting, yet not. It seems Ill be popping in my Jillian Michaels Yoga DVD more often!
Ill update later to make sure I am held accountable to my committment of hitting the dreadmill later on!
Thanks for the time my blog friends!


  1. Wow. I would be PISSED! Our PD's policy is that the first time they receive a call on an animal, it's a warning and the second time is a ticket. I've been chased through our neighborhood by 3 different pits but each time I call AC, and I've never seen the same one out again. I can't believe this lady isn't taking better care of her dog--I would feel bad for the animal if it wasn't just as obnoxious as his owner!!

  2. woah, Holy Typos, Sarah! Yes, Im pretty P.O'ed. They are lucky we are as kind as we are, because here ( dont know if its the same everywhere ) we can shoot the dog for being on our property. We would never do that though. Unless, of course, it went after us or the kids. My next step is going to ask if I can press charges, or if I can have an officer escort me to their house so I can talk to them about the problems its causing us. And I was curious if I could sue them if their dog did impregnate mine (hypothetically). I really cant wrap my head around how FURIOUS id be if my dog wasnt fixed and got pregnant.

  3. I sent you an FB friend request (Lanae Bays). OMG, I would be so angry - they are infringing on your rights. YOu, your kids, and your dog should all be able to hang out outside and not have to worry about getting harrassed by a pit bull with careless owners. I wouldn't let up on them. Good luck!! I need a new yoga DVD, Jillian Michaels sounds good but I am wondering if she will bug me! Maybe I will try the other 4 DVD set from Target...Not sure if you are following me yet - Happy Hump Day!