Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog Reboot! Im Going INSANE!

Im pretty bad at maintaining my blog. I apologize. In my time lapse, our whole family has become more fine tuned in the fitness lifestyle. This is so reassuring to me, because as parents, you want to provide the most stable foundation for your children's future. We cannot provide a trust fund for our kids, but what we can provide is confidence through physical activity. This, for me, is super important. Emma (4) and DH (Chris) are involved in Kenpo, which I really cant rave enough about. More about that at another time.
This all comes full circle to the reason for my Blog Reboot...In my mission to be a bad@ass woman/mother/wife, I am throwing myself into the INSANITY 60 Day Challenge. Thanks to my pal Heather, who tipped me off with her awesome journey, I am dipping my toe into the Beachbody world.

So, after waiting for what seemed like eternity, today was the most exciting of mail days!

Naturally, I waited impatiently for bedtime, so that I could pop in that Fit Test DVD and begin to "dig deep".
The Fit Test consists of 8 different exercises that you take every 2 weeks to monitor your progress. Chris ended up doing it as well.  We performed each move for 1 minute.
1.) Switch Kicks- I did 109; Chris 122
2.) Power Jacks- I did 38; Chris 48
3.) Power Knees- I did 65; Chris 64
4.) Power Jumps- I did 36; Chris 41
5.) Globe Jumps- I did 8; Chris 9
6.) Suicide Jumps- I did 11; Chris 16
7.) Push-Up Jacks- I did 2 (I was thrilled---for real!); Chris did 21
8.) Low Plank Oblique (BTW- Im in love!)- I did 35/Chris 50

For first impressions: I LOVE the packaging! Am I the only one who was impressed with the packaging? Sturdy and eye appealing, lol. I am excited for what you get for your money. I got 10 Insanity workout DVD's, PLUS 3 extra DVD's that arent included in the 60 Day program. I need to refrain from popping in "Insane Ab's", lol. If any of my readers have done those extra workouts, I am intrigued!
I cant wait to dig into the first "real" workout tomorrow. This Fit Test is barely going to touch upon the sweat and work ill be doing tomorrow, and I cant wait :-)
I did weight myself and take a "before" picture, but I wont be posting those items until I am happy with some results :-) For now, I am NOT brave enough to make that public, haha.


  1. The box/book thing sits on my desk and stares at me everyday. I lvoe the packaging too!!