Sunday, June 19, 2011

Insanity 60 Day Challenge- Day 4

Today was supposed to be  "Cardio Recovery" day, according to my complimentary Insanity Wall Calendar (a.k.a accountability).

I grabbed my disc, and popped it in, to find..."cannot read" flashing on the screen. I tried it in all our DVD players, and the disc never worked. Thankfully, the amazon seller I bought it from was awesome, and will have another copy of the DVD in the mail tomorrow. Score! So, I eventually decided to do the Pure Cardio and Abs disc. This was a 56 minute work out in total. This work out has made me REALLY want to get a heart rate monitor. There are really no words for the intensity of the cardio. Im so curious how many calories I burned!
I was kind of overwhelmed with the abs portion. I felt my strength was not nearly enough for that, lol. Maybe by next week ill feel better about it! Actually, I think once I go know what to expect for each workout, I think Ill get a better work out.
Ready for day 5 tomorrow!!

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