Saturday, June 25, 2011

I do find irony amusing

It's funny, really. Yesterday I wrote all about how life will never go as planned, and you need to buck up and fit in your exercise/training days/fitness goals. Aaaand today was NOT the day for me. Emma has been sick all week, and her fever returned today. And then Eli started with the throwing up and fever. Chris hasnt been home all week, and he worked 20 hours fri-sat morning, and got home at 5am. Then after lunch time, I started feeling way less than stellar.
My week 2 , day 3 Insanity workout (cardio plyo circuit for those of you who were curious) most definitely did not happen today.
So, instead I figured Id write about random things about me. Its interesting looking at Blogger stat's and analysis. I have had readers all over the place! For those of you who dont know me, here is some odd facts:

1.) I am a total Southern Vampire Series/True Blood groupie. Not at all a Twilight fan. I have read Charlane Harris' series at least half a dozen time. I could talk for hours about the book and TV series.
2.) I grew up in Massachusetts; lived in FL from 2005-2008; then moved to TN. Although a part of me will have be a liberal  New Englander, I have to admit, I would never leave the south. I love it. I love the sun baked springs and summers. I love the slow way of life. The way southerners keep life simple, and dont take anything they dont rightfully earn.
3.) I have serious wanderlust. I would travel the rest of my life if it was feasible. If I won the lottery, my family would be the new Jolie/Pitt crew (minus a ton of kids), and would travel, gaining world knowledge.
and finally....
4.) Negative energy makes me very uncomfortable and awkward. Oprah said it best "kindly leave your negative energy at the door". Oh yeah, I am an Oprah groupie too.


  1. 1. AWESOME books, so glad I have someone else to talk about the books/show with.

    2. I hate the heat of the south but Amos and I have been dreaming about being able to move back to TN where its Hot enough for him but Cold enough for me.

    3. Agree 100X over. Growing up we called it "Roots and Wings". Roots to know where to call home and wings take you wherever you can go but then back home again.

    4. karma, being positive, and being the change you want to see in the world.

  2. Where in TN did you live?? That would be so cool if you guys ended up here! "Roots and wings" perfect :-) I like that!

  3. Great post, Sarah. I too have the wanderlust; it's especially bad right now. The other night I wanted to throw my kids in an RV and just drive and explore forever, but then I realized I don't have the patience to homeschool them.